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M. Milinkovic: I still have fun on the court

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source: volleycountry.com author: Matías Rosa

Marcos Milinkovic began its second phase of recovery from injury that left him out of the volleyball. Almost 40 years, still thinking as an active player of volleyball.


Marcos Milinkovic

The Opposite returned to training with the ball but doctors still do not allow him to jump. He knows his team needs him and hurry his return to the court. 

How the team copes rash of injuries to their stars?

– In contrast to last season, where we had a great championship and suffer absences in the final stage, I think we started to reverse. Hopefully situation reversed the definition and reach all the players healthy.

Is it difficult to take stock of the progress of Buenos Aires United until today?

– Sure. We did not have the chance to play together. Always missing one or two players. Nevertheless, and in 2012 we evolved together.

How do you handle anxiety to play again?

– I have really wanted but I have taken the situation with patience. Breaks in the championship gives us more time to not jeopardize the physical unnecessarily.

Would you have imagined when you started your career to play at age 40?

– Not really, but luckily I still have fun on the pitch and I feel good physically. I know I have not much time and the day I feel tired, I think my farewell.

Have you thought about what you do when no longer play volleyball?

– I would love to stay tied as a coach or in another function. It’s what I did during all my life and I think I can bring my experience when I retire.

Your family is living in Serbia and you only visit them during the summer. Your sacrifice is not seeing them? What will you do when no longer play volleyball? Will you live in Serbia or Argentina?

– I miss my children. They are the most important thing in my life, but that does not mean that my wife also. I would like to coach in Europe to be near them but I did not take long time to think about it.

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