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The best scorer of PANAM CUP for WoV – “They told me “I’m too old””

by WoV

Krystle Esdelle, best scorer and the best opposite of Panam Cup 2018, had an interesting statement right after the tournament.



I am a woman who has been through many things over the last few years. I have been told many times I am “too old”. “Time to retire”. The thing has I believed them. I even began talking like them. Going along with what they told me. Even though I said those things it just didn’t feel right. I was so close to quitting and giving up. BUT one night I cried out to GOD and I remember saying “let your will be done if I am meant to be done with volleyball then so be it.” HE said NO!! He stepped in and made a way told me that I am a child of a King and only HIM can decide for me. He has the plans for my life. All it took was me going to my FATHER! He interceded where no one else can. I just needed to believe in Him. This is all HE wanted of me. But that’s not all… I had to prepare myself for you attract what you are ready for. You are never too old to start living your best life! That night was proof I can overcome it!” – says Esdelle for WoV.


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