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IRN M: Velasco, you have a message from Iranian fans

by WoV
source: facebook.com

The Iranian fans have a message for Julio Velasco and they sent it over the social network Facebook. This is their statement about Velasco’s case:

Iranian NT

Iranian NT

“This campaign is intended to appreciate Julio Velasco’s efforts for the Iranian national volleyball team and to express our gratitude to him. He accepted to be the head coach of National team at the time where many foreign coaches were reluctant to work in Iran due to problems that had influenced national sports in the country. He chose to coach an unknown team just because he believed in the talents of its players.

We, volleyball fans, would like to send our message to Julio Velasco that:

“We understand your loyalty to your country and apart from any decision you make we will always be grateful for how you revolutionized Iranian volleyball and for the joy you brought to us. However it would be a tremendous honor to know that you can stay with us until the end of this journey. “”

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