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ARG: National coaching course in Jujuy level I finished satisfactory

by WoV
source: feva.org.ar

After a long and hard working weekend finished in San Salvador de Jujuy the National Coaching Course - Level I with 25 of the 31 participants having approved the final test. The course was boosted and supervised by the new management of the Argentine Volleyball Federation.



At the closing ceremony, Jujuy Volleyball Federation President, Dr. Jorge Cabral, thanked the participants for their engagement and work and the lecturers, Omar Grasso and Ariel García (both FeVA Instructors) for their dedication in these four days of intensive work.

Also, he gave awards to both lecturers in name of all the present coaches The course was held at Sociedad Española and Club Gorriti facilities in the Capital of Jujuy.

So, Jujuy advanced one step forward with this National I course, after in the pevious year having given the Province I and II level courses.

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