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ARG M: Great victory of Personal Bolivar

by WoV

In the opening match of the ACLAV Cup, Personal Bolivar has celebrated big victory over Pilar Voley in straight sets. The best scorer of the match were Brazilian Raphael with 15 pints and Yadier Sanchez with 14.





Personal BolívarPilar Voley 3-0 (25-13, 25-22, 25-15)

Personal Bolívar: Axel Jacobsen (3), Yadier Sánchez (14); Pablo Crer (8), Junior (8); Raphael (15), Nicolás Bruno (5). Líbero: Alexis González. Ingresaron: Matías Sánchez, Martín Hernández, Bruno Lima. Coach: Javier Weber.

Pilar Voley: Alejandro Araya (1), Manuel Terán (3);  Miguel Liand (6), Francisco Russo (3); Enrique Laneri (7), Nicolás Tibaldo (8). Líbero: Tomás Ruiz. Ingresaron: Edgardo Lioca, Martín Portillo (5), De Cespedes. Coach: Marcelo Andeatta.



Boca Junior – Ciudad 3-0 (25-16, 30-28, 25-13)

Personal Bolivar – Pilar 3-0 (25-13, 25-22, 25-15)

Lomas – La Union de Formosa 3-1 (25-16, 25-15, 26-28, 25-21)

Gigantes del Sur – Obras Pocito 3-0 (25-15, 25-20, 25-19)


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