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ARG: Women A1 League: National Referee Secretariat Communication

by WoV
source: feva.org

The Argentine Volleyball Federation National Referee Secretatiat (SNA) advises referees from all over the country. Starts new format Argentine A1 Women League.


SNA Communication

The proposal for the most important competition held at country, organized together by the Argentine Volleyball Federation (FeVA) and the Agentine Volleyball Teams League Association (ACLAV) refers to the different fees for each round.

First Round: Decided by each region.

Second Round: Played with three neutral referees that live neary the playing venues, with hosting, food and transportation offered by the organizer. The line judges (also three) will be local.

Third and final qualification Round: Formula Grand Prix up to Nov. 1st. 2012, with neutral referees as on the second round.

At the same communication the roster of referees was offered taking into consideration those referees proposed by the different teams. Each referee will receive the proposal through out his / her federation (date, venue, local regional delegate) at his / her mail address. At the same will be included the local FeVA delegates named by the Sport Organization (job very similar to supervising).

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