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BRA M: Leandro Vissotto confident in new Brazilian team

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source: cbv.com.br; Photo: ahebrasil.com.br

Leandro Vissotto is confident. At 30, the opposite of the Brazilian men's team is one of the most experienced of this new group. With the focus on the World League, which will begin for Brazil this FRIDAY against Poland, Vissotto believes that the Brazilian team is on the right track. For more latest volleyball news visit worldofvolley.com


Leandro Vissotto

Is the team prepared a few days before the debut in the World League?

We had a short period of preparation, but all arrived very motivated. So, I think that despite the short time, the preparation was very intense and I believe we can have the debut maybe not ideal, but good and confident.

The training in Russia is very different than in the national team?

It’s very different, especially the physical part. There, we do not train more than twice a week, and here, every day. The training load greater and had to readjust myself a bit. But I’m in the rhythm again and quite well prepared.

Being in this younger group has changed you responsibilities?

Today, I have more of a leadership role. We, who are more experienced, have to set an example. These four years have given me an experience that makes me able to help my younger teammates with something they have not experienced yet. It is a pleasant moment I’m living. I can help a player grow. I’m feeling very good in this role.

Are you feeling ready to debut in the World League?

I am ready. I feel good technically and physically and I’m sure I can help the team.

Debut against the defending champion is worrying?

My opinion is that every game is worrying, since all teams want to beat Brazil. And with Poland it will be no different. The good side is that the pressure is now equated. Before, it was much higher for our side. Now, after they won, the pressure is also on their side. I think it is now better divided. Let’s give it our all and let the best win.

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