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BRA W: Osasco presented team for title with new sponsor

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source: melhordovolei.com.br; Photo: melhordovolei.com.br

At the headquarters of “Nestlé” in São Paulo, Osasco presented its team for the season 2013/2014. The great novelty is a new initiative of marketing from company that sponsors the team. They left juice brand “Sollys” and got the skimmed milk “Molico”.

Osasco Nestlé Molico squad for season 2013/2014

Osasco Nestlé Molico squad for season 2013/2014

With the new strategy, “Nestlé” hopes that fans and ordinary people will raise awareness of the importance of taking care of the bones.

In court, the team has changed. Luizomar de Moura presented his squad, which suffered major losses after Jaqueline and Fernanda Garay left the club, but received two boosters, the receivers – Italian Caterina Bosetti and Serbian Sanja Malagurski.

“It was important to keep the base. Fernanda Garay had a great offer from Turkey, we could not do anything, but she promised to return. Bosetti has brought a lot of technical quality in attack, in the baseline and in the pass and there is Malagurski, excellent in high balls and she will help us a lot”, said coach Luizomar.

Luizomar gave his opinion on other players, too: “Adenízia arrived here 11 years ago and knows what to. We have Gabi, our little remarkable player that this year promises much, we brought Dani Terra and Paula. Mariana is going to be our third setter. We will do a good job”.

About the goals, Luizomar wants to fight for titles: “Like Nestlé we also want to be leaders in our segment. In Superliga there are 4-5 teams with chances for title and our goal is to be in the final again.”

Osasco Nestlé Molico squad for season 2013/2014:

Setters: Fabíola, Ana Maria, Mariana,

Oposites: Sheilla, Lia,

Receivers: Bosetti, Malagurski, Gabi, Paula, Talita

Middle blockers: Thaísa, Adenízia, Larissa, Marjorie,

Liberos: Camila Brait, Dani Terra.

See the WoV Community profiles of Osasco Nestlé Molico and Luizomar.

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