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BRA M: Classic in Belo Horizonte

by WoV

Brasil Kirin continues with quality plays as they now have three wins in a row. On the other hand UFJF struggles keep on coming and playoffs now seem far away.


Sada Cruzeiro

The most interesting match will be played 30 minutes after the midnight CET between two best teams, Sada Cruzeiro and RJX.

Kirin – UFJF 3-0 (24-22, 24-22, 23-21)
Top Scorers:
 Diogo Silva 10, Rodrigo Pinto “Rivaldo” 10, Gustavo Bonatto “Gustavao” 9, Alexandre Bergamo 6, Vinicius Siqueira “Vini” 6 Hugo Silva 10, Ricardo Pereira 7, Rodrigo Santos “Jardel” 7, William Reffatti 7.

Eleventh round matches:

Voltaço – Moda Maringà

Kappesberg Canoas – Sao Bernardo

Vivo Minas – Funvic Taubaté

Sesi Sao Paulo – Montes Claros

Sada Cruzeiro – RJ Volei

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