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BRA M: The end of the regular part – Sada Cruzeiro on the top

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At the end of the regular part of the Brazilian volleyball competition, Sada Cruzerio has finished on the first place.

Sada Cruzeiro

Sada Cruzeiro

table Brazil


With 18 wins and four defeat but also with 56 points they have jumped over Sesi who has 55 points in the 19 wins.

Besides these two teams, Brasil Kirin CampinasVivo/Minas, RJX, Canoas, Sao Bernardo and Maringa will continue the competition.

Results of the 22nd round

Funvic – Vivo Minas 3-1 (21-17, 21-14, 10-21, 21-17)

Top scorer: Franco (Vivo / Minas) with 15 points

Maringa – Volta Redonda 3-1 (21-12, 25-23, 19-21, 21-17)

Top scorers: Lorena (Maringa) and Rodrigo (Voltaco) with 14 points each

Montes Claros – Sesi 1-3 (21-17, 14-21, 17-21, 19-21)

Top scorer: Evandro (SESI) with 21 points

RJX – Sada Cruzeiro 0-3 (20-25, 15-21, 17-21)

Top scorer: Leal (Sada Cruzeiro) with 13 points

Sao Bernardo – Canoas 3-0 (21-5, 21-19, 21-17)

Top scorer: Dennis (Kappesberg Canoes) with 16 points

UFJF – Brasil Kirin Campinas 3-1 (21-19, 22-24, 21-15, 21-19)

Top scorer: Jardel (UFJF) with 17 points.


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