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BRA W: Powerful Molico Osasco

by WoV

The quarterfinal in the Brazilian Superliga was started. The first match was played between Molico Osasco (1) and Brazilia (8). The leader celebrated 3-0.

Molico Osasco

Sheilla and Sanja


Molico celebrated


First matches, March 20

1°-8°: Molico Nestlé OsascoBrasilia 3-0 (21-12, 21-14, 21-14)

Top scorers: Thaisa 12, Malagurski 7, Sheilla 6, Adenizia 5, C. Bosetti 5; Coimbra 12, Paulino 4, Juliana 4, Scott-Arruda 4. MVP: Sheilla.

March 21

6°-3°: E.C. Pinheiros – Unilever Rio de Janeiro

2°-7°: Volei Amil Campinas – Sao Cristovao Saude Sao Caetano

March 23

4°-5°: Sesi Sao Paulo – Banana Boat Praia Clube

Second matches

March 27

8°-1°: Brasilia – Molico Nestlé Osasco

March 28

3°-6°: Unilever Rio de Janeiro – E.C. Pinheiros

7°-2°: Sao Cristovao Saude Sao Caetano – Volei Amil Campinas

March 29

5°-4°: Banana Boat Praia Clube – Sesi Sao Paulo


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