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BRA W: Sollys Osasco won championship

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Sollys defeated Unilever of Bernardinho in the final and won the title of the Brazilian championship for women for 5. time, after the successes in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2010.



For Sollys the best were the receiver Fabiola (voted MVP of the match) and the libero Camila. On the other side, Hooker (top scorer with 52% in attack), Thaisa and Tandara showed great performance for Unilever.

Set 1: At the start of the set Sollys took the lead of 6-3, Unilever immediately recovered (6-6), but Osasco again went ahead 8-6. The advantage increased with the block of Jaqueline on Sheilla (10-7) and Hooker’s counterattack 12-8.

The block of Thaisa on Valeskinha (14-9) and Fabiola on Regis led Sollys to the advantage of 16:9. The team of Bernardinho did not manage to lower the difference in the result. Hooker scored an ace (23-13) and then Sollys closed the set 25-14.

Set 2: Unilver took the lead with the counterattack of Valeskinha (1-3). However, Tandara, Thaisa and Hooker overturned the result 5-4. Unilever thanks to Sheilla was again ahead with 12-13, but Hooker reacted scoring 15-14 and 16-14. Amanda entered instead of Regiane Bidias, but that did not stop Sollys in their leadership (18-15). Jaqueline increased the difference to 20-15. Thanks to the great defense of Camila Sollys won the set with 25-18.

Set 3: Amanda remained on the court. Unilever increased the number of errors in defense and Hooker scored 2-4. Fabi evened 4-4. Then the ace of Thaisa (6-5) and the counterattack of Hooker led to 7-5. Unilever evened 9-9. However, Camila was unsurpassable in defense together with Hooker who secured the advantage 17-14 and 18-15. Then, the ace of Amanda (18-17) and the block on Jaqueline tied the score 18-18. Hooker managed to provide the leadership of her team scoring quickly 22-21, 23-21 and 24-22. Thaisa made the crucial point 25-23 and Sollys won the final match.


Final Match April 14, in Rio de Janeiro

SOLLYS / NESTLE ‘Osasco – UNILEVER RIO DE JANEIRO 3-0 (25-14, 25-18, 25-23)

SOLLYS: Silva Adenizia 6, Thaisa Menezes 12, Jaqueline Carvalho 7, Josefa Souza “Fabiola” 3, Tandara Caixeta 12, Hooker 20, Camila Brait (L); Ivna Marra 0
Did not enter: Samara Almeida, Karine Souza, Ana Correa, Juliana Costa
Coach: Luizomar Moura

UNILEVER: Fernanda Venturini 3, Regiane Bidias “Regis” 3, Juciely Silva 7, Marianne Steinbrecher “Mari” 6, Valeska Menezes “Valeskinha” 4, Sheilla Castro 11, Fabiana Oliveira “Fabi” (L), Amanda Francisco 4, Roberta Ratzke 0, Juliana Nogueira 1, Ana Silva “Carol” 1
Did not enter: Juliana Perdigao
Coach: Bernardo Rezende “Bernardinho”
MVP: Josefa Souza “Fabiola”

Set Duration: 22 ‘, 27’, 30 ‘
Spectators: 12000

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