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DVV (male) – 12th place

by WoV
source: volleyball-verband.de

DVV-Männer is at 12th place on the World ranking list.




Weak reasults in EM as well as the participation of Egypt in the World Cup led to this situation.


Northern Africans surpassed the German team and take place in front of them.



The top 15 world rankings

First BRA – 300 points (unchanged)
Second RUS – 270 points (unchanged)
Third ITA – 226 points (unchanged)
4th POL – 199.5 points (4 courses high)
5th USA – 187 points (1 space down)
6th CUB – 183.5 points (unchanged)7
th SRB – 167.5 points (two seats down)
8th ARG – 132.5 points (1 space high)
9th BUL – 112.5 points (two seats down)
10th CHN – 73.5 points (unchanged)
11th EGY – 62.5 points (1 space high)
12th GER – 61.5 points (down one place)
13th IRN – 55.5 points (1 space high)
14th CMR – 52 points (1 space down)
15th VEN – 49.5 points (unchanged)

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