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GRE: Finals: Iraklis – Lamia

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Iraklis Thessaloniki and Lamia will play the finals of Greek Cup.

GS Iraklis Thessaloniki

GS Iraklis Thessaloniki

In the first semifinal match Panathinaikos lost against Lamia.

Lamia lost in 1. and 3. set and the opposite Curovic suffered an injury.

That led to the victory of the rival scoring 9 consecutive points (from 19:16 to 19:25).

In 4. set Panathinaikos had 3 match points, but Lamia managed to turn the result and win with 30:28.

Similar situation happened in tiebreak when Panathinaikos had 2 match points (13:14, 14:15), but then lost with 17:19.

The second semifinal match was less balanced in which Iraklis beat Olympiakos with 3:0 thanks to the excellent performance of Cuban Despaigne Jurquin (71% attack, 2 aces, 2 blocks) and Kravarik (57% in attack).

Greek Cup: Semifinals (March 9)

GS Lamia – Panathinaikos AO 3:2 (24:26, 25:21, 19:25, 30:28, 19:17)

GS Lamia: Maroulis 4, Chatziiliadis 22, Kovac 13, Pantakidis 6, Simeunovic 28, Curovic 7, Gkaras (L); Vlachopoulos Anagnou 6, Sfendulakis 3
Coach: Andreopoulos

Panathinaikos: Zoupanis 9, Aggelopoulos 4, Protopsaltis 18, Gorbatkov 16, Kotsilianos 20, Pantaleon 11, Daridis (L); Pipergias 2, Stiggas 0
Coach: Kazazis

GS Iraklis Thessaloniki – Olympiakos Piraeus 3:0 (25:23, 25:23, 25:18)

Iraklis: Christofidelis 3, Kravarik 16, Prousalis 1, Despaigne Jurquin 19, Smaragdis 3, Pelekoudas 9, Stefanou (L); Koltsiakis, Tzioumakas
Coach: Drikos

Olympiakos: Jimenez 14, Petreas 12, Filipov, M. Novotny 6, Andreadis 2, Kokkinakis 11, Kouzounis (L); Figueroa 4, Kanellos, Sotiriou, Livathinos, Ioannou
Coach: Kalmazidis

Final (March 10)
20.00h  GS Lamia – GS Iraklis Thessaloniki

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