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POL: Men’s volleyball players proved, one can

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source: pzps.pl author: Karolina Piotrowska

March in volleyball is not the time of the national team. The white-and-red national teams, both mens’ and women’s, are still ahead of their most important challenges. In March and April the fight for the title of the champion of the women’s Plus League and men’s Plus League will perform, between the best club teams. Furthermore, also the Final Four tournament and the European Cups tournament will take place.

Men's volleyball players proved, one can

Men’s volleyball players proved, one can

Recently a lot of around-the-country travelling has been performed by Alojzy Świderek. In early May, the white-and-reds will play in Ankara for the Olympic qualifications. Only one team out of the strongest will have its place in London.

Our national team will play in a group with Russia, Serbia and the Netherlands. In the second group there is a host team, Bulgaria, Germany and Croatia. Eight teams, and the ticket to London only for one.

In Autumn, Japan, Andrea Anastasi’s team was also in a tough situation, but luckily managed to win. The second place in the World Cup, excellent matches and Olympic promotion was the result of their hard work. Let’s hope the ladies will follow their results. And what is the “plan” before the tournament in Ankara? We discuss it with Alojzy Świderek.

pzps.pl: We know there is a list of the players out of which the national team composition will be selected. How many names are on the list?

Alojzy Świderek: I spoke with all of the best players. There is thirty eight names on my list.  

It is a large group. Is there a question mark next to any of the name on the list? 

– Even if there was, it does not mean anything yet. Soon I will have more signals from the players and with some of them I will speak once again. I am optimistic and I know that after the end of the league tournaments season we will start preparations for Ankara in the optimal composition. 

– Right before the return to the country from Asia a new champion of China playing with Evergrande Kanton – Katarzyna Skowrońska-Dolata said that she could not imagine not to play with the polish national team at the fight for the Olympic passports. Isn’t it encouraging?

– Of course it is encouraging, the more that Kasia is one of the key persons in the team. 

– The player has also said that only the most billing girls should play in the team and who care about the national team’s successes. She added that only those girls, who arrive at the national team’s trainings to play their best should arrive. The remaining ones should resign if not willing to play. 

– I have a similar opinion as a coach of the national team. What Kasia has said is very important, especially when considering the building up a team.
– Not only our team suffers from that kind of problems. Many other and similar problems have our rivals inside their teams. 

– Right. Furthermore, I think that the optimal training and hard work will give us equal opportunities in Ankara.   

– When will the preparation process start?

– After the league tournament season. In the first days of April we will have medical examination. From the 10th of April the training camp in Szczyrk will start. 

– We know there are some international friendly matches scheduled. 

– Yes, in term 25th -26th of April we will play against the German national team. Afterwards, we will travel to Turkey and fight for the Olympic pass.  

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