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ITA M: Ex-head coach Berruto finds new job after resignation

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source: oasport.it; Photo: avvenire.it

Carlo Magri, the President of Italian Volleyball Federation, explained the media why he has chosen Gianlorenzo Blengini on the position of head coach and revealed the new role of former NT's expert, Mauro Berruto.




“He was a logical choice. The choice of Blengini wasn’t a second choice but a person we believed in. He’s one of the coaches that always goes for more, contesting with the teams of a high level. We will finish the European Championship with the team that he will choose and we will hold to it,” Magri emphasized.

“Italy, being deficient in terms of players, has made a good World League campaign by beating Serbia and Brazil and lost just by little from Poland. We have experience and youth. I see a good future: I’m convinced that this (appointment of Blengini) will be good for the national team and that the first to be happy about it will be Berruto (former head coach). I’m glad that Berruto will stay with us to monitor the youth sector. It means that the relationship of mutual esteem remained intact,” Magri added.


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