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IRI M: Iranian Volleyball Faces Challenges After Poor VNL Performance

by WoV

Iran’s volleyball community is in turmoil following the national team’s disappointing performance in the 2024 Volleyball Nations League (VNL) and the subsequent dismissal of Brazilian coach Mauricio Paes. The team finished 15th out of 16, with only two wins and ten losses.

Mauricio Paes – Photo: Volleyball World

In an interview with the Tehran Times, Mahmoud Afshardoust, a former national team player, emphasized the need for strategic planning for the future of Iranian volleyball. He pointed out that Paes, who had little preparation time and was involved in club competitions in France, struggled to address the team’s mental and psychological needs.

Afshardoust highlighted long-standing issues such as serve receive and side out phase, which were evident from the start. He suggested that the federation should focus on these basic issues.

When Peyman Akbari took over in the third week, the team showed improvement. Akbari’s familiarity with the team and his experience in Iranian volleyball brought positive changes, particularly in reducing pressure and improving team morale.

Afshardoust concluded by stressing the importance of planning for the future and addressing both player and team management issues to ensure the development of grassroots volleyball in Iran.

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