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PER: PVF celebrates its 70th anniversary

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Peruvian Volleyball Federation celebrated its 70th anniversary. The event brought together several generations of desportistas, national leaders, businessmen and officials, who received a series of awards for his work on behalf of the Peruvian volleyball.


Peruvian Volleyball Federation celebrated its 70th anniversary

Juan Castro Romero, President of the PVF in the speech said: “Today we gather to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the successful performance of the Peruvian volleyball, we wanted to testify our gratitude to those who support its development, giving them the book that summarizes a history of 100 years of volleyball in Peru, the 2011 Junior World magazine and of course the national team jersey volleyball. For further progress, we need all stakeholders: Government, private enterprise, athletes, members of the Federation and the trade press, you always have the shirt Peruvian


Ana Cecilia Carillo, one of the glories of Peruvian volleyball living says: “For years I have defended the national team jersey with pride and dedication. The new generation must understand that it is a privilege to wear the two colors and you have to do with sacrifice, dedication and honor, testimony to the affection they have for Peru

Luisa Fuentes, one of the recognized Peruvian team captains and a member of the Organizing Committee Youth Volleyball World Peru 2011, said: “My life has been linked to Peruvian volleyball at a young age and will remain forever. We selected the former, we will working from where we appropriate, to support the development of volleyball in Peru, which will result undoubtedly in joy for Peru

The ceremony was also attended by the President of the Peruvian Institute of Sport, Francisco Boza, the CEO of Frequency America, Cristian Bustos and CEO of Unique, Javier Rusca selected, both sponsors of the Peruvian Olympic medalists, Denise Fajardo, Rosa Garcia, Gina Torrealva and the glories of Peruvian volleyball, Irma Lamb, Ms. Pinedo, Olga Asato, among others.

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