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ROM M: Dramatic situation in Unirea – close to relegation

by WoV
source: dejeanul.ro; Photo: someseanul.ro

The situation in CS Unirea Dej volleyball team becomes increasingly uncertain and desperate due to the lack of money. The Mayor of the city of Dej, Costan Morar, said he can not give the amount of money necessary to the club, because the Court of Auditors would not allow.

CS Unirea Dej

CS Unirea Dej

The mayor stated that this season will be brought to an end and salaries of the players will be paid. Finally, in the last part of the season, he will try to find a solution for reducing the costs in the Romanian Division 1.

„I don’t want my volleyball team Unirea Dej to be relegated to Division 2. This information is incorrect because I presented it only as an option,“ said the Mayor.

But the direction he took clearly proves that Unirea will be relegated at the end of the season if it do not find financing solutions.

The team has no money even to finish this year. It hopes to get funds to pay players’ salaries, to organize the match on Saturday against C.S.A. Steaua Bucuresti and to retain a shred of hope to continue to compete in the domestic league in 2015.


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