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CL W: Volero’s huge success – eliminated Cannes for Playoff 6!

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Volero Zürich achieved a huge success with elimination of the French Racing Club de Cannes from the Champions League Playoff 12! In the first leg it was 3-2 for the Swiss representative and 3-1 in the second match, with partial 25-14, 25-20, 25-27, 27-25.



At the beginning of the match, Volero was led in the attack by Kupriianova (3-1), but after two consecutive errors from Rykhliuk it was 3-3.

Still, these mistakes didn’t disturb Rykhliuk much and she started to score, but Ninković was the one who really terrorized the opponent. With her two blocks in a row and amazing point by the libero Popović it was 9-5 for Volero.

Ninković continued to play a great volleyball, not only in block, and after the point by Volero’s setter Thompson from the first toouch, Cannes’ coach Fang had to interrupt his team’s abyss with time-out (11-6).

Rabadzhieva stood on the service line on 9-6 and couldn’t be removed until 13-6! Volero’s advantage kept rising (20-11) until the final 25-14.

Volero showed to Cannes who’s the boss in the second set as well. This time, block was the main segment in their playing. The Swiss team won a great majority of points, either directly from the block or due to passive block that opened counter attacks (5-1).

Thanks to smart serves by Lazić, Cannes was alive – 5-4 but soon it was 9-5. Why? Well, because Volero’s block revived. On 11-5, Fang called time-out and he was furious at his players. Two consecutive blocks gave Volero 13-5 lead.

It seemed that disaster was set for Cannes, but little by little, the French champion approached the rivals with their weapon – the block (17-13)! Baltić was forced to call time-out.

It helped because Volero won the second set with 25-20.

Two service errors marked the start of the third set (1-1). With successful attacks by Kupriianova, Ninković and Rabadzhieva along with Kupriianova’s ace, Volero took 7-3 lead. Cannes coach Fang was getting more and more nervous and finally got yellow card from the referee.

Ravva was among rare Cannes players that showed some signs of life until Grothues set two stunning blocks for equalizer (10-10)!

But than came points from Mammadova and Kupriianova. Nevertheless, Cannes leveled up again – 12-12.

Thompson decided to distribute balls mostly to Rykhliuk and she materialized all of them for 16-14.

Cannes players didn’t give up. Van de Vyver cuased a lot of damage to the opponents’ receivers while serving and turned over the result (17-19)!

After Volero managed to equalize to 19-19 it was point for point game. Unternährer helped Volero to gain match point at 24-22 with two clever serves, but Cannes block with Ravva who stood out in it, made 3-0 run (24-25).

The visitors turned second set point into triumphant end after Tom’s spike – 25-27.

Cannes opened the second set in a great style – 2-4, but after Mammadova’s block, Volero turned over – 9-7.

Afterwards, the home team kept two point advantage and even enlarged it. Thompson was forcing first tempo and it paid off to her end her team because Kupriianova and Ninković scored those sets with no mistake. After one on one block from Rabadzhieva, Volero gained 15-11 lead.

That advantage melted after spikes from Tom and Onyejekwe (16-16) and again – point for point game.

Tom’s lucky serve and Grothues’ smart spike gave Cannes a two-point lead (18-20).

Double block by Rabadzhieva and Ninković equalized the score to 22-22. Rykhliuk scored for 25-24 and Volero had its first match ball but failed to realize it. Block on Tom gave Volero another one (26-25) and Rykhliuk was perfect for 27-25!

Olesia Rykhliuk was the most efficient player in the game with 20 points. In her team, Anna Kupriianova added 17 and Nađa Ninković 16.

Logan Tom and Victoria Ravva had 15 for Cannes.

PLAYOFF 12 / /

Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set Stats Videos
Away Matches 18. 02. 2015 16:30 Eczacıbaşı Vitra ( W ) vs VK Agel Prostejov ( W ) 3:0 25:14; 25:14; 25:19 STAT  
Away Matches 18. 02. 2015 19:30 Fenerbahçe Grunding ( W ) vs Dresdner SC ( W ) 2:3 26:24; 24:26; 19:25; 25:18; 13:15 STAT  
Away Matches 18. 02. 2015 20:30 Unendo Yamamay Busto Arsizio ( W ) vs Azeryol-Baki Baku ( W ) 2:3 14:25; 26:24; 20:25; 25:18; 10:15 STAT  
Away Matches 19. 02. 2015 18:30 Dinamo Moscow ( W ) vs Nordmeccanica Rebecchi Piacenza ( W ) 3:0 25:20; 25:16; 25:15 STAT  
Away Matches 19. 02. 2015 19:30 VakifBank Istanbul ( W ) vs Dinamo Kazan ( W ) 3:0 25:22; 25:21; 25:14 STAT  
Away Matches 19. 02. 2015 20:00 Volero Zürich ( W ) vs Racing Club de Cannes ( W ) 3:1 25:14; 25:20; 25:27; 27:25 STAT


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