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OUTBURST! Velasco shows Gauna who’s the boss in Argentina! (VIDEO)

by WoV
source: youtube.com/WVTV HD

It doesn’t matter how many big names play for Argentine national team because there can only be one boss, the head coach!


Don’t mess with Velasco!

There can only be one BOSS in Argentine national team and when there’s a coach with countless number of trophies behind him, HE will be the one. Maxi Gauna learned the hard way, after argument with Velasco he missed the rest of the match…Video source: WVTV HD/Youtube

Posted by Worldofvolley on Friday, September 18, 2015

Julio Velasco is one of the best coaches in history of volleyball and he doesn’t like his authority being questioned.

Maximiliano Gauna, the middle blocker of Argentina, apparently tried to do that in Set 2 vs. Canada, causing Velasco’s outburst.

The result – Gauna didn’t enter the court until the end of the game and Argentina won. Who’s right, it’s on you to decide…


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