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ALB: Special book sums up history of Volleyball in Albania

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The history of Volleyball in Albania, spanning from 1945 up to 2010, is finally available in a special book that was recently presented to all fans of the sport in the Balkan country. All those who made the history of the sport in Albania will find their name and their story there thanks to the great work performed by Petrit Shehu, a man who only limitedly practiced Volleyball but has been always fond of the sport.



Shehu has gathered facts and figures, results, photos and reviews about the past 45 years for a book that is the first of that kind in the so-called “eagle country”. 

The book reports the names of all those who played Volleyball maybe once in a lifetime, those who contributed to the greatest success of the sport in Albania etc. On Sunday the Albanian Volleyball Federation hosted a special ceremony to promote this unique work thereby bringing together all those that are somehow close to the sport.

I did my best but still this is not enough for a sport that used to belong to the absolute elite here in Albania” says the author. “I hope more will follow my example, collect more details and facts and help spread the love for Volleyball around the country”.


 “We have compiled a first history of Volleyball in Albania that will be completed and expanded in the next years. I hope that some more ideas will come from all those to whom the sport is so dear” says the Secretary General of the Albanian Volleyball Federation, Leonard Tase.

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