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POL M: Włodzimierz Sadalski: national team rules in the Plus League

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source: pzps.pl author: Karolina Piotrowska

Paweł Zagumny, Mariusz Wlazły, Piotr Nowakowski, Daniel Pliński, Bartosz Kurek, Michał Winiarski and Krzysztof Ignaczak – this is the fundamental composition for the Plus League season 2011/12. It has been established by all the coaches of the top league teams. Paweł Zagumny collected most of the votes – eight. He leads a great game in his Plus League’s team. The player is one of the best setters in the world – says coach of Tytan AZS Częstochowa, Marek Kardos.

national team rules in the Plus League

national team rules in the Plus League

I also share the opinion of Marek Kardos. Among the Plus League players Paweł Zagumny is definitely one of the very best on his position. It is another good season for him and I believe he has not yet given the final word regarding his performances with Zaksa. The selection of the coaches is the evidence for a strong position of the player in the national team. I would even say that the season was dominated by the national team players, who also play the leading roles in their particular clubs” -says chief of the training department of the Polish Volleyball Federation, Włodzimierz Sadalski.     

In the ‘dream team’ of the main phase there are four players of PGE Skra Bełchatów. – This fact additionally strengthens the position of the club. This season the team lost only two matches and so far there is no better one in the whole Plus League” – added Włodzimierz Sadalski.

The libero of the team became Krzysztof Ignaczak. However, Damian Wojtaszek had three votes. One of the coaches confessed that Andrea Anastasi can sleep well with such players in the team. There is a big choice of good players.

Not only among the libero ones but also on different positions, e.g. middle position. An experienced player, Daniel Pliński, maintains the high level of the competition. We are also satisfied with Andrzeja Wrona’s performances. Bartosz Kurek and Michał Winiarski will also be in the team for the season. Michał Kubiak and Michał Ruciak are also available. If not the injury I am sure that Zbigniew Bartman would also have high notes” – said Sadalski.

From the foreign players out of the Plus League clubs, the coaches have selected the following: Miguel Falasca, Michał Łasko, Antonin Rouzier and Stephane Antiga.

These are surely the top world level players. Furthermore, Patrick Steuerwald had also good run of luck. Thanks to him AZS Politechnika Warszawska won at the top league tournament and promoted to the Challenge Cup – said Sadalski.

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