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POL: Grzegorz Wagner’s initiative

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"We want to participate in the organization of exchanging foreign coaches, trainers to help the working primarily in lower leagues" Grzegorz Wagner said who was elected chairman of the Coaches of the Polish Volleyball Federation. Also are included Slawomir Gerymski, Zdzislaw Gogol, Jacek Grabowski and Leszek Piasecki.


Grzegorz – Wagner

Wagner stressed that “in recent years in the Polish Volleyball has done a lot of good. Men’s team rank high in major international events, and PlusLiga become valuable sporting and marketing. There are some things to improve, among others in matters of coaching, particularly in terms of lower-class division”.

Coach Board PZPS could represent all trainers. Perhaps we should reflect on the harmonization of contracts with the clubs. We definitely need to work on a single model of training” he said.

“As I meet with fellow coaches on various occasions, I heard a number of interesting ideas. Coach Board could be the body, which would motivate people to actionGrzegorz Wagner added.

Grzegorz Wagner would like that the Council of Coaches gives a lot of time to youth volleyball.”I think that is a very important area of our sport. There is a lot to improve, among others the schedule of games, which is very tight and wages. Wages for working with youth are too low in relation to the role you play” Grzegorz Wagner said. “The Polish coaches do not have to have a complex from their foreign colleagues. – Polish coach has the same workshop as his colleague from Italy or Russia” he added.

Grzegorz Wagner accepted with appreciation the idea of School volleyball centers.“I have high hopes, I think that will really contribute to the development of our sport” he said.

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