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WC M: Kubiak – “Win by 3-1 is kind of shame, we are the world champions…”

by WoV
source: fivb.org; Photo: fivb.org

Poland have 5 wins out 5 games at the FIVB World Cup 2015, but their players are constantly repeating that the team can play better.



Day 5 at the FIVB World Cup in Japan was successful for Poland. Squad led by Stephane Antiga defeated Venezuela in four sets and remained with perfect score at the tournament.

But, was it really that successful? If you ask team captain Michal Kubiak his answer will be – Not really. Excellent receiver stated that Poland did not play good against Venezuela at all.

“I’m happy we won the game but not so happy of the style we played today. Venezuela played a good game, but we made a lot of mistakes today. We couldn’t block, defend or do practically nothing. We shouldn’t be playing like this; 3-1 for us is a kind of shame. We are the world champions and the level of the world champions should be higher than that” said Kubiak after the match. 


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jowsef September 13, 2015 - 5:06 pm

wrong attitude for an athlete. Being a world champion of the year doesnt mean being untouchable or undefeated at all times.. Poland always think that they are always the best..

Ash September 13, 2015 - 7:06 pm

@Jowsef I disagree. I think they have a lot of respect for their opponents but at the same time they know their own value, and World Cup doesn’t forgive ANY mistakes. Antiga in one of the interviews said that he’s disappointed with his team not because they lost a set, but because their attitude on the court was not the one he expected from them. They need to be more aggressive. And I think this is what Kubiak also had in mind. It’s also worth noticing who played in this match. Even though mostly they were not players to be chosen first if it was the game against e.g. USA, they are still considered to be as good as others. So they should do a better job -> style-wise.


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