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RUS M: Kazan is one step from finals

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Zenit Kazan of Vermilion and Mikhaylov beat Lokomotiv Novosibirsk of Giolito in the semifinal match.

Zenit Kazan

Zenit Kazan

In 1. set Kazan took the lead of 13:12 and 19:14 thanks to Mikhaylov and closed it with 25:21.

In 2. set Lokomotiv took the led of 3 points at the start with 4:7 and 6:9. Kazan lowered the difference to 13:12 and then evened the result 20:20. Lokomotiv closed 2. set thanks to Sanchez with 22:25.

The strong block of Priddy and Volkov led Kazan to the score of 8:2 in 3. set. The entrance of Zubkov did not improve the result of Lokomotiv and Kazan won with 25:14.

In the final part of 4 . set, decisive were the aces of Sivozhelez and Volkov, thus leading Kazan to the victory of 25:23.

Semifinals: Game 2 (25 March)

Zenit Kazan – Lokomotiv Novosibirsk 3:1 (25:21, 22:25, 25:14, 25:23) Series: 2:0

Zenit Kazan: Vermilion 4, Priddy 9, Apalikov 6, Mikhaylov 26, Sivozhelez 12, Volkov 12, Babichev (L); Obmochaev (L), Demakov 0, Gutsalyuk 0, Berezhko 0
Did not enter: Cheremisin, Babeshin, Matychenko
Coach: Alekno

Lokomotiv Novosibirsk: Butko 3, Zhilin 8, Ashchev 5, Sanchez Bozhulev 14, Biryukov 22, Volvich 2, Golubev (L); Zubkov 0,  F. Voronkov 1, Dubrovin 4, Sidenko (L), Krivets 3
Did not enter: Tayurskiy
Coach: A. Voronkov

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