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Erik Shoji for WoV – “The crowd was with us, that’s awesome!”

by WoV

Erik Shoji was one of the best liberos in this year’s edition of World League! If he receives, the setter will get the best position to organize the best play. Here is his comment about final game:

Erik and Kawika Shoji

Erik and Kawika Shoji

“Brazil is a great team and we knew they are very strong. We had to play one of our best games to beat them. We had a lot of fun and in the end we had one of our best games! Our team always is very happy and has a lot of fun and when we do that we play a lot better. The crowd was with us and that is awesome!”

Are you hoping for a medal in Poland?

“The World Championship is a month and a half away. We have a very tough group, Iran and Italy are both in it so, it’s gonna be really hard but we looking forward to it!” said Erik Shoji.


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