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USA: Will it finally happen? USA Volleyball might launch professional league!

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source: volleywood.net

If this actually happen many American players will finally be able to play a real professional volleyball league in their own country!

Jamie Davis

Jamie Davis

For years the situation in USA volleyball was quite simple – The players would play volleyball at college, while after the end of the studies they would go overseas to sign their first professional contracts. And, many of them would stay there during the entire career, just because the USA do not have a professional volleyball league.

But, that might change really soon!

The new CEO of USA Volleyball, Jamie Davis, reveals that he plans to launch a professional league in the US. 

“We have 375 of our top U.S. players heading overseas to play pro volleyball in some 40 different countries for seven, eight months out of the year. By having them stay home to further their post-college playing careers, we can create stars out of our athletes and build role models for our next generation of players. … With the successes of our national teams, the high volleyball television/streaming ratings from the 2016 Olympics and our membership growth, we are confident that such a domestic league will succeed now when past attempts have failed. My target is to see the league launched within this Olympic quadrennial (before 2020).” 

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