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WorldofVolley - your place for volleyball information

The www.worldofvolley.com – WorldofVolley website was created in 2011 with one main goal: to be a professional source of information for the people from all around the world who are involved in volleyball. WoV is improving and growing every day. All of the information that we provide are confirmed by clubs and players.

As well as the news, we also manage players’ coaches’ and scouts’ professional profiles, follow game results and etc. WoV is on a mission to collect and group statistic details for nearly 15.000 players from our WoV Community database. 
At this moment it is very difficult to collect all the required amount of statistic data (we can not find them or there are no details at all), and one of our main goals is to group all possible statistic in one place, so coaches, scouts and players can have full statistic history that regard a single player or a club.

We are looking for volleyball scouts who are:
–    willing to help us find as much statistic data as they can.

–    ready to send us Data Volley Match Reports (ONLY) from any game (national teams or A division teams) played around the world, so that we can process it and make it available to everybody. 

Knowing that the statistics is of essential value for clubs and players, we would be grateful if you could send us all the information you have, or provide us a link where we can gather the information.

If you are interested in helping us with this project or need some more information, please do not hesitate to contact us on: statistic@worldofvolley.com or info@worldofvolley.com

We would be thrilled to have you in our team!

Thank you for your time and enjoy exploring the WorldofVolley – your place for volleyball information!

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