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EuroVolley 2017 (M), LIVE BLOG: Highlights of the finals (VIDEO)

by WoV

Are we going to get the new champion of Europe? Or France is going to stay at the throne? Find out in our men's EuroVolley 2017 Live Blog!

EuroVolley 2017

EuroVolley 2017

There are 16 teams that will participate at the European Championship in Poland. The teams are divided into four groups:

POOL A: Poland, Serbia, Finland, Estonia

POOL B: Italy, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic

POOL C: Russia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Spain

POOL D: France, Belgium, Netherlands, Turkey

Check out the schedule of the tournament (24 August – 3 September).

The information about EuroVolley (M) will be updated several times per day. You will have a chance to read much news about the teams, to watch interesting videos and to see some photos from Poland.


Monday, September 04:

12:33 CET – These are the best moments of the gold medal match

11:03 CET – Highlights of the bronze medal match:

08:50 CET – MVP Mikhailov – “This victory will give us a huge confidence”

September 03:

23:58 CET – This is the DREAM Team of the EuroVolley!


20:40 CET – The bronze medal goes to SERBIA!

17:53 CET – Here are the links for the live stream of today’s games of the last day of the competition

Match for the bronze medal: Serbia vs. Belgium (17:30 CET) LINK

Finals: Germany vs. Russia (20:30 CET) LINK 

16:59 CET – The players of the German NT had some relaxing time before the big finals, but with the German athletes, even that has to be competitive. At least a bit… What cards will they pick against Russia?


12:30 CET – Sam Deroo is impressed by the performance of the Russian team

10:00 CET – Highlights of the semifinals games:

09:45 CET – Grbic has talked about the game vs. Germany

08:50 CET – Giani – “It’s important for our players to believe”

September 02:

17:49 CET – Do you want to watch EuroVolley semi-finals? Here are the links for the live stream!

Serbia vs. Germany (17:30 CET) LINK

Russia vs. Belgium (20:30 CET) LINK

14:27 CET – This is what happens when you give a camera to the volleyball player to shoot his teammates…


13:18 CET  – Special training for Serbia: German NT staff divides players into two groups on a morning practice – older guys do physical exercises, while the younger play volleyball.


11:00 CET – Konstantinov is mad at referees!

10:22 CET – Today’s schedule:

Serbia – Germany 17:30 CET

Russia – Belgium 20:30 CET

09:40 CET – Dero knows what is needed to defeat Russia

08:45 CET – Shlyapnikov talks about Belgium

September 01:

16:00 CET: These are the highlights from the European Championship matches:

11:03 CET – Blengini – “We didn’t do our best”

10:14 CET – Grbic says his players played at the highest level

August 31:

18:13 CET – These are the YouTube links for the live streams of EuroVolley quarterfinals:

Germany vs.Czech Republic LINK (17:30 CET)

Russia vs. Slovenia LINK (17:30 CET)

Belgium vs. Italy LINK (20:30 CET)

Serbia vs. Bulgaria LINK (20:30 CET)

16:23 CET – De Giorgi“The result does not reflect how we worked, and with what intensity”

15:17 CET – Kurek and Kubiak have commented on the early elimination:

We put a lot into this but it did not work out.  We thank the fans who stick with us through good and bad,” says Kubiak.

We gave a huge effort and devoted private time, which we could really spend differently,” adds Kurek

15:00 CET – After their elimination from the European Championship, the whole team has decided to face media in Poland



11:23 CET – Kubiak’s comment:

We didn’t play well and the Slovenians were much better. I want to congratulate them. We generally played well in this tournament, no matter whom we faced – whether it was Estonia or Finland. I suppose that if it had been some other team, we would have won. Today we lacked this fire in our eyes, which has been propelling us during the group phase. Even when our serve was causing difficulties, Slovenia were able to receive perfectly and we had no solution at all for their serves.”

10:00 CET – Should Ferdinando de Giorgi resign after last night’s result?

09:00 CET – Grebennikov is angry – “We didn’t play like a team”

August 30: 

23:00 CET – Quarterfinal pairs:

Germany – Czech Republic 17:30

Serbia – Bulgaria 17:30

Belgium – Italy 20:30

Russia – Slovenia 20:30

All games will be played on Thursday, August 31

22:44 CET – Two major upsets at the European championship 2017:

Slovenia defeat Poland, while the Czech Republic down France!

20:00 CET – Bulgaria down Finland after making a comeback

19:30 CET – Italy will play in the quarterfinals

14:30 CET – Preview of today’s playoff matches

09:34 CET – Kurek talks about Slovenian NT with a huge respect

August 29:

18:19 CET – Finally! This is what fans were waiting for: the European Volleyball Confederation (CEV) announced it will stream all EuroVolley 2017 matches in the knockout stage on YouTube.

16:30 CET – Check out some of the best photos of the fans in the Preliminary Round

13:34 CET – Vital Heynen meets his friends from German national team

Vital Heynen

Vital Heynen

11:43 CET – Blengini praises the development of the Turkish volleyball in recent years

10:27 CET – Konstantinov reveals how his team managed to perform well at blocking segment

09:30 CET – The Turkish captain believes his team is ready to down Italy!

08:45 CET – Vital Heynen comments the performance of Belgium vs. The Netherlands

August 28:

23:45 CET – Playoffs bracket revealed, there’s a big derby waiting for us in Krakow!

23:00 CET – Preliminary Round is over – All quarterfinal and Playoff participants are known!

20:52 CET – This is how the Germans celebrated the perfect record in pool stage and qualification for the quarterfinals


19:40 CET – All direct participants of the quarterfinals are known!

18:32 CET – The bus of the Finnish NT involved in a crash before the match vs. Serbia

14:05 CET – Turkey will be highly handicapped for the decisive game vs. France!

13:00 CET – This is the schedule for the final day of pool stage:


Serbia vs. Finland (17:30 CET)

Estonia vs. Poland (20:30 CET)


Slovakia vs. Germany (17:30 CET)

Italy vs. Czech Republic (20:30 CET)


Slovenia vs. Bulgaria (17:30 CET)

Russia vs. Spain (20:30 CET)


Belgium vs. The Netherlands (17:30 CET)

Turkey vs. France (20:30 CET)

12:13 CET – The Dutch National Team got the support from their ambassador in Poland before the last round game vs. Belgium

10:53 CET – France’s coach Tillie admits his team would likely suffer a second defeat in EuroVolley if there wasn’t Ngapeth.

09:59 CET – Despite reaching the 2nd win in the tournament, Belgium’s coach Heynen disapproved of the way his players performed against Turkey

08:49 CET – The middle blocker Piano makes sure his fans that Italy will not rest on their laurels after achieving first win in EuroVolley

August 27:

23:55 CET – France survived the thriller vs. The Netherlands

22:51 CET – Germany secured the spot in the elimination stage

19:00 CET – Italy annulled the opening loss by beating Slovakia; Belgium prevailed in the tie-breaker, once again

12:50 CET – German team surprised Marcus Böhme on his 32nd birthday 

August 26:

23:10 CET – Bulgaria “destroyed” Spain, the first win for Poland

21:30 CET – Serbia barely defeated Estonia, Russia scored the second 3-0 win

10:40 CET – Did you know that evil fate follows the title holders who lost the opening match in the European Championship? Will France escape it?

09:13 CET – Giani – “I’m glad that my team showed its value”; Piano – “On the paper, the rest of this pool seems to be easier to play against.”

08:31 CET – Heynen says the win vs. France was a surprise for them, too; Tillie states that the things now got complicated for his team

August 25:

23:00 CET – Belgium make a huge upset by beating France in tie-break

14:22 CET – Sokolov – “Team like Russia never forgive mistakes”

13:00 CET – Shlyapnikov – “In every aspect, my players were better than the Bulgarians”

09:32 CET – Michal Kubiak, where’s the ball?

00:33 CET – Konarski – “I didn’t make any tricks and jokes with my injury”

00:15 CET – Podrascanin – “Let the make jokes now”

August 24:

22:00 CET – The vice champions defeat Spain to open EuroVolley in a good way

20:22 CET – Finland score an important win at the start of the tournament!

19:44 CET – We have the first victory at the EuroVolley!

Opening ceremony of the EuroVolley2017

Opening ceremony

Opening ceremony

Opening ceremony

Opening ceremony

Opening ceremony

Opening ceremony

18:42 CET – Ivan Zaytsev has message for his teammates from Italy

17:30 CET – Zhigalov has praised Polish fans and mentioned Spiridonov

16:13 CET – This is the EuroVolley 2015 championship point, scored by Earvin Ngapeth! Real masterpiece.

14:00 CET – EuroVolley mani can start (Preview and schedule)

13:02 CET – Kubiak – “Both teams will have the same conditions”

11:32 CET – What Ngapeth has to say about EuroVolley?

Polish fans all over Warszawa

Polish fans

Polish fans

Polish fans

Polish fans

Polish fans

Polish fans

10:00 CET – Zagumny has an interesting message for Polish players

August 23:

23:33 CET – Uros Kovacevic thinks Serbia is going to win the game despite some difficulties at the stadium

19:30 CET – Serbia and Poland, who will open the European Championship 2017 in Poland have checked the court at the stadium in Warsaw



Serbia 2

Serbia 2







19:00 CET – Serbia had the first training at the National stadium PGE Narodowy in Warszaw



13:02 CET – Let’s hear some words from the president of the Polish Volleyball Federation:

We prepared everything to the last detail for this day, to make fans satisfied not only with their emotions from the game but also with the perfect organization of the event. Therefore, we decided to begin works at the stadium already a week before the Opening Ceremony. On August 24, the PGE National Stadium will be ready to host 65,000 supporters,” says Jacek Kasprzyk.

12:22 CET – We won’t watch these 13 stars at the European Championship

August 22:

22:22 CET – Bieniek remains in the Polish squad for EuroVolley

20:22 CET – Castellani says Kubiak is the most important player of Poland

18:47 CET – Sokolov comments the upcoming tournament:

We have prepared very well for this European Championship. The team has been working hard for the past six weeks. We showed a good progress during the friendly matches, achieving some positive results. That’s why we are going there with our heads up,” says Sokolov and adds – “I feel very well physically. I had a vacation which I used to rest from volleyball. I think I will perform better than during the World League. I am ready to play and to give 100 percent to help the team. However, I can’t do it only by myself. We are a team. We have to go out and play at the maximum level.”

16:13 CET – Ivovic has a message for his teammates

15:00 CET – Did you know that the Czech Republic won the gold at the first European Championship in 1948. Russia have 21 medals and they are the team with the most number of trophies in Europe.

13:30 CET – Russia announce 14 names

10:00 CET – Squad of Turkey for the European Championship

August 21:

20:00 CET – Tillie wants repeat the results from 2015

18:44 CET – This is the squad of Bulgaria for EuroVolley!

17:00 CET – Kay Van Dijk won’t play at EuroVolley, decides head coach of the Netherlands

15:22 CET – Two legendary volleyball players now coaches of Germany and Serbia, Andrea Giani and Nikola Grbic, have announced their squads for EuroVolley2017; German 14 playersSerbian 14 players.

12:00 CET – The final squad of Spain for Poland2017:

Setters: Angel Trinidad de Haro, Migel Angel De Amo Echevarria

Opposites: Andres J. Villena Rodriguez, Augusto R. Colito Lopes

Receivers: Sergio Noda Blanco, Jorge Almansa Martinez, Francisco J. Ruiz Garrido, Juan Manuel Gonzalez Limon

Middle blockers: Alejandro Vigil Gonzalez, Borja Ruiz Mira, Jorge Valcarcel, Miquel Angel Fornes Jul

Liberos: Francisco J. Martinez, Daniel Ruiz Pasada

11:35 CET – In Pool A we are still waiting for the final squad of Serbia. While we are waiting for the Nikola Grbic  to announce his team of 14 players, we present you, Estonian team.

August 20:

21:00 CET – Around 60,000 tickets are expected to be sold for the opening game of the European Championship between Poland and Serbia. It’s going to be a real spectacle. 

Polish fans

Polish fans

16:40 CET – This is the squad of Italy for EuroVolley:

Setters: Simone Giannelli, Luca Spirito

Opposites: Giulio Sabbi, Luca Vettori

Middle blockers: Simone Buti (captain), Daniele Mazzone, Matteo Piano, Fabio Ricci

Receivers: Oleg Antonow, Iacopo Botto, Filippo Lanza, Luigi Randazzo

Liberos: Fabio Balaso, Massimo Colaci

14:02 CET – Ngapeth will definitely play at the European Championship

10:23 CET – Nikola Grbic hopes that Ivovic will be able to help them at EuroVolley

Saturday, August 19:

22:00 CET – This is Heynen’s team for the EuroVolley 2017

14:45 CET – The European Men’s Volleyball Championship is almost at the door and almost all national teams already announced their rosters for the competition. We will present you, Czech team. CLICK HERE.

Friday, August 18:

22:00 CET – Maxim Mikhailov talks about EuroVolley:

I think, we are on the right way. We still have time. During the prep period, some players had a lot of difficulties with the injuries but we will be ready for a big challenge. We are working to reduce as many mistakes we can. I can say that Russia have a difficult group. The first task is to beat Bulgaria and we will be close to the semis,” says Mikhailov.

18:03 CET – Konstantinov says that he is not afraid of any team, commenting also that he refused a proposal from Russia.

15:33 CET – Slovenia chose 14 players for European Championship, NO Cebulj

13:00 CET – Russia without Kovalev on EuroVolley

Thursday, August 17:

21:00 CET – Marko Ivovic one of the main players of the Serbian National team got injured during the second set in the friendly match against Slovenia and it seems that he will not travel to Poland on EuroVolley 2017.

19:05 CET – Andrej Kravarik chose 14 players for EuroVolley 2017

Setters: Daniel Končal, Juraj Zaťko

Opposites: Milan Bencz, Peter Mlynarčík

Receivers: Marcel Lux,  Matej Paták, Štefan Chrtiansky, Michal Petráš

Middle blockers: Emanuel Kohút, Peter Ondrovič, Šimon Krajčovič, Radoslav Prešinský

Liberos: Matej Kubš, Martin Turis

17:00 CET – Two changes in German squad due to injuries

Wednesday, August 16:

17:04 CET – These 14 players that will represent France at EuroVolley 2017. The head coach of TEAM Yavbou have made his choice, placing Kevin Tillie along with Jenia Grebennikov at the position of libero:

Setters: Benjamin Toniutti, Antoine Brizard

Opposites: Stephen Boyer, Jean Patry

Middle blockers: Kevin Le Roux, Nicolas Le Goff, Barthelemy Chinenyeze, Daryl Bultor

Receivers: Trevor Clevenot, Julien Lyneel, Thibault Rossard, Earvin Ngapeth

Liberos: Jenia Grebennikov, Kevin Tillie

16:22 CET – The opening game of the men’s European Championship is going to be held at the Warsaw national stadium (capacity 62,100).

POL vs. SRB in 2014

POL vs. SRB in 2014

These are the other host cities:

POOL A: Gdansk (Ergo Arena, capacity 11,409)

POOL B: Szczecin (Azoty Arena, capacity 5,403)

POOL C, playoff round, quarterfinals and final four: Krakow (Tauron, capacity 15,328)

POOL D, playoff round, quarterfinals: Katowice (Spodek, capacity 11,500)


Tuesday, August 15:

20:22 CET – This is how Podrascanin prepares for the tournament

18:00 CET – These players will represent Poland at EuroVolley.


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