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Volleyball Plyometrics Program

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Volleyball plyometrics can help to increase your vertical jump and explosive power around the court. However, they should be performed alongside or following a sport-specific resistance training program.


Volleyball Plyometrics Program

While plyometrics is a very effective form of power training (and volleyball-specific), there are some important considerations to consider before adopting this form of conditioning into your routine.

Remember firstly that explosive power is a function of both strength and speed of muscular contraction. Volleyball plyometrics exercises will help condition your neuromuscular system to apply a greater level of force in a shorter period of time. However, if you lack basic strength, their effectiveness will be limited.

Plyometric training also places a high level of stress on joints, connective tissue and the neuromuscular system. Without a well-developed strength base, stress related injuries are much more likely to occur.

Other important guidelines relate to the amount of ground contacts in a single session, the number of sessions per week and the surface on which volleyball plyometrics are performed

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