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Important notice

by WoV

Dear Volleyball players and coaches: Due to a very big request from the part of WoV website users, we would like to publish this very important notice:


Regarding a very big request about your personal and contact details from WoV website visitors (clubs, managers, agencies, etc.), we kindly invite players and coaches to contact us, so that they can claim existing or create their new WoV Community profile with all their details.

About the difference between WoV Member and WoV Community Member, please check here.

In this moment it is not possible to create your new WoV Community Profile directly from our website and we are very sorry about this. We hope to have this feature ready very soon. Instead, please contact WoV, and we will be more than happy to help you start building your new personal WoV Community Profile.

Creating new or claiming already existing WoV Community this is absolutely FREE of charge for players and coaches. By creating or claiming your profile and inserting it in our WoV Community database, it will be more easy for people to find your personal details and contact you.

Attention: Leaving your details in our WoV Community database does NOT mean that WorldofVolley is going to REPRESENT you as a player or coach, because WorldofVolley is NOT a Volleyball Manager/Agency!!! We are just giving a possibility to players, managers, coaches, agencies and clubs to meet in one place and exchange their details!!! Also you can insert your Manager/Agency details in your WoV Community Profile-Contact. For more how to do this, please visit About WoV.

We kindly invite you to contact us as soon as possible, so that interested clubs and managers can contact you directly instead of contacting us!!!

Thank you very much and enjoy using WorldofVolley website, first complete website for volleyball in english!

WorldofVolley Team

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