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by WoV
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It’s not easy for professional athletes that are retiring from their sport to leave a successful sporting career behind and move on to a new life. It can create confusion, a lack of direction, and a lack of purpose in their minds.


Success beyond sport

If you are going through this, you are not alone. Statistics show that the majority of athletes (up to 80%) suffer some form of post-sporting blues and even depression. And the problem is, most athletes suffer in silence, thinking they should be able to cope, they are better than this. This approach tends to prolong and intensify the inner pain and conflict.

Even highly successful athletes can struggle in the transition. No matter whether you achieved all your sporting goals or not, you may struggle.

Common Questions that arise are:

……..”Who am I now?

……..”What do I do now?

After having a career that brought so much reward the retired athlete can feel a loss of identity and may now feel unfulfilled—emotionally, and often financially.

What now?

As athletes, you do know how to set and achieve goals, you do know how to focus and you do know how to perform. What if you could apply these same resources to a new career? What if you lived your life with the same drive and passion you did as an athlete?

Success beyond Sport offers a solution for effective athlete transition.

  • Overcome the loss and confusion of life after sport.
  • Feel motivated and directed towards inspiring goals.
  • Thrive in a new career with the self-belief to make things happen.
  • Build a healthy self-esteem and identity beyond sport.
  • Create wealth in all areas of life.
  • Live with passion.

Success beyond Sport provides practical advice and specialised tools that are designed to boost your champion mind and motivate and inspire you to create success in anything you desire. It is created by an athlete for athletes. Don’t wait to retire before you start thinking about life after sport.

It´s time to bring achievement back into your life.

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