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22. 01. 2018

ITA W: Can someone stop Isabelle Haak?

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Now it's sure that Swedish attacker is the most powerful player in Italian League. WIth 347 points in 16 matches, she is the best scorer of Serie A1 in 2017/2018.


For the fourth time in this season, Haak was the most productive player of the round with 27 points. She helped her team Savino Dal Bene Scandicci to scored the 13th  victory in Serie A1 and now they have the same number of win-lost matches like the second-ranked Novara but the opponents have three points more.

This time the largest number of aces was 3 but rarely while on the other hand blocks were noticed.

Laura Melandri from Conegliano put 6 blocks in this round while Katarzyna Skorupa from Novara 5 blocks. They were the top blockers.

For more detail about matches click here.

Top Scorers

Isabelle Haak (Scandicci) – 27 points

Paola Egonu (Novara) – 23 points

Yamila Nizetich (Pesaro) – 19 points

Kimberly Hill (Conegliano) – 19 points

Michelle Bartsch (UYBA) – 18 points

Daly Santana (Firenze) – 18 points


Top Blockers

Laura Melandri (Conegliano) – 6 blocks

Katarzyna Skorupa (Novara) – 5 blocks

Lucia Bosetti (Scandicci) – 4 blocks

Cristina Chirichella (Novara) – 4 blocks

Celeste Plak (Novara) – 4 blocks

Ivana milos Prokopic (Firenze) – 4 blocks

Rossella Olivotto (Pesaro) – 4 blocks



1. Haak Isabelle (Scandicci) – 347 points

2. Egonu Paola (Novara) – 304 points

3. Barun-Susnjar Katarina ( Modena) – 284 points

4. Ortolani Serena (Monza) – 279 points

5. Bartsch Michelle (Busto Arsizio) – 271 points

6. Plak Celeste (Novara) – 269 points

6. Sorokaite Indre (Firenze) – 269 points

8. Diouf Valentina (Busto Arsizio) – 267 points

9. Hill Kimberly (Conegliano) – 263 points

10. Van Hecke Lise (Pesaro) – 252 points


See the complete statistics of the Italian Women’s Volleyball Championship.

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1 Comments about "ITA W: Can someone stop Isabelle Haak? "

22.01.2018 | 19:55 |   Pablo [unregistered]

Haak is the biggest revelation this season!!

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