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Which is the most important position in volleyball?

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Have you ever wondered which position is the most important in volleyball? Maybe we have or do not have the answer, but we can help you to remove some doubts!


As you already know volleyball has five basic positions: setter, opposite, middle blocker, receiver and libero.

The setter is the one who is always supposed to get the second ball and set it to the hitters, and we can say that many things depends on him.

But if you have a strong attack from “zone 2” where is opposite, then no one can stop you. The opposite always attacks from the left front on the court and he also blocks with the middle blocker. Most of the balls during the match go to him.

The middle blockers are usually the tallest players. They block in the middle, left front and right front and they are usually very quick because of the first attack. Their main job is to block and they have good service in most cases.

The receivers are also very important players in volleyball. Without good reception you cannot play. If you do not have a good reception then your setter cannot sets perfect ball to the hitters and you cannot make a good point. They are important in attack and in defense.

The libero is usually the best back row player. He needs to be quick and alert, to play defense by digging the ball. Without him you are not able to play good volleyball.


So, we explained everything about every position but it's up to you to decide and realize which is the most important position in volleyball.


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04.11.2019 | 01:58 |   Esperidion [unregistered]

I'm a setter, and I think that all positions are very important, because if you miss one player on the court.... then you wouldn't be able to play the game well. I think that there is no such thing as 'The most important position in volleyball'.

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