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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW FOR WOV: Sanja Malagurski – story from Brazil

by WoV
author: WorldofVolley

After two seasons spent in Italy, Sanja Malagurski decided to move to Brazilian Superliga. And, as she said, didn't made mistake. In an exclusive interview for the WorldofVolley, she speaks about life in Brazil, their league, her team and etc. Enjoy it.

Sanja Malagurski

Sanja Malagurski

What was your first impression about Brazil?

This is a new experience for me and the longest distance away from home so far. The fact that I will play in this club with a lot of members of Brazilian national team and a lot of quality players, represents a huge challenge for me. The first impression was very well. They welcomed me really well. Everyone of these girls were kind and ready to help me meet with new volleyball style, and lifestyle in Brazil as well. When I arrived here, I was working alone for a week, under special regime. I was delighted when I saw how much they care about players, to be healthy and happy, because, as they said, that is a recipe for success.”

Are you satisfied with the atmosphere in Molico/Nestle Osasco?

Team atmosphere is really great. All of us hang out with each other on court and out of court as well. I’m glad that I’m playing with Sheila, Thaisa, Fabiola, Adenizia, Camila.They are the biggest names in world of volleyball and they are really good persons. They know volleyball, have experience, and they are always ready to help, give advice, and do whatever is needed for the team.”

What do you think about Brazilian league?

Matches and training session are very strenuous. But, there is no much difference between Brazil and other countries. Volleyball is volleyball, and every team in this league has a quality. Everyone can beat anyone. For now, we are on top of the table and we will also play final part of the Sao Paulo Championship. The second match against Pinheiros is scheduled for tomorrow. We had a break for about a month because of World Grand Champions Cup in Japan, and now we are trying to catch up. There is no time to rest. But, from January, it will be easier.



Did you have opportunity to meet attractions of Sao Paulo?

I saw a little of Sao Paulo. I’m living in Osasco, the city which is 20 minutes far from Sao Paulo and it is good for me. I visited Brankica Mihajlović for a one week, and Rio is also really beautiful city.”

Could you describe us the fans of Moliko/Nestle?

They are really amazing. When I signed for this club, they started to write me on Social networks, welcomed me and they said that some of Serbian girl is finally coming to Molico/Nestle.” said Malagurski at the end of the Interview for WoV.

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