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RUS W: Matienko – “Double substitution helped us”

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source: championat.com; Photo: pro-volley.ru

In its last game of the Russian championship, Dinamo Krasnodar beat Fakel and scored seventh victory.

Anna Matienko

Anna Matienko

The setter of the Dinamo Anna Matienko has talked for championat.com about team performances in this first part of the Russian league

It was a tough game against Fakle, wasn’t it?

Yes, for sure, it was a difficult match

What happened in the first set?

First of all, I would like to mention that the rival was very good. We started the match trailing by four points, we couldn’t back and rival took the first set.”

After the first set Dinamo started to play well…

The same things happened to us in the last three games. Our start is not good, we are making mistakes in reception and then we are starting to play our style

The fourth set was a breathtaking one. Opponent was close to level the game on 2:2.

Yes, but they was close only. Spectators helped us to win the fourth set. I think that coach’s double substitution also helped a lot.

Tell us about that Selinger’s move? Why he did that?

Avital gave the opportunity to girls from bench. I don’t know why he did that, it is probably tactical change. It was the part of his play vision

It helps Dinamo or not?

Yes, of course it helps. It is not the first time in the important game that he makes a double substitution.”

Was he satisfied with the team performance?

He expressed his satisfaction with the fact that the bench players helping a lot.”

Are you pleased with the first part of the Russian championship?

We have done a good job. But, I think that we could win first two games. We will be in better position now. There were several reasons why we lost two matches at the beginning.

Russian championship will continue in January. Tell us about Dinamo’s plans in next weeks.

We have four days free and then we are going to practice again. We planned a new year’s tournament in Switzerland from 26th to 29th December. After that, we have a few free days and again we are coming back to our training center” said Matienko

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