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RUS M: Alexander Volkov – Volleyball comes first

by WoV
source: russiavolley.com

Alexander Volkov blocking by a national team who the same as and Mikhaylov, recently has returned their holidays, looked not only had a rest and sunbathed, but also ready to any loadings.


Alexander Volkov

– I, as well as Maxim Mikhaylov, am well rested, at once assured Volkov. – And this time has sufficed me. After all, ahead of us responsible matches of the World League and Olympic Games.

– Do the relatives require from you to stay at home longer?

– For me, volleyball in the first place.

– Whether there will be on Olympiad main contenders and frankly through passage games? Or everyone will give all the best in matches against Russia on a maximum?

– Against all Russia will play to their maximum potential. We do not need to set a goal to win every game, but we should aspire to show a good game.

– Such as the World Cup in Japan?

– Yes, such as.

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