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FIVB World League 2017 LIVE BLOG: France claimed the second gold in World League

by WoV

It's time for the final battles in the FIVB World League 2017. Follow the latest info from Curitiba in our live blog.



There are six teams that will participate for the gold medal in the FIVB World League 2017 (July 4 – July 9): Brazil (host), Serbia, France, Canada, USA and Russia.

The information will be updated several times per day. You will have an opportunity to read much news about the teams, to watch interesting videos and to see some photos from Curitiba.

This is going to be the 28th edition of the World League. Check out the schedule of the tournamentAll matches will be broadcasted at the FIVBvolleyball You Tube channel.


Saturday, July 9:

13:30 CET – Stephane Antiga won his first medal as the coach of Canada. He is so proud of his boys.

Stephane Antiga


09:00 CET – Earvin Ngapeth reached the second MVP award in World League. For Dream Team of 2017 click here.

Earvin Ngapeth MVP


07:00 CET – “Team Yavbou” conquered World League for the second time in history

France 1st place

France 1st place

03:05 CET – Canada and their coach Stephane Antiga won their first ever medal in the World League. In the match for the third place, they outplayed USA 3-1.

Canada 3th place

Canada 3th place

July 8:

17:50 CET – Nalbert Bitencourt who in the Brazilian jersey won two World Leagues and one Olympic Gold, is now the TV commentator and journalist. At the age of 35, he retired from volleyball.

Nalbert and Ngapeth

Nalbert and Ngapeth

09:30 CET – Brazil’s head coach Renan said he didn’t have enough time to prepare the game vs. USA; Speraw, the U.S. coach, said his players didn’t have usual energy.  

01:21 CET – Match for the 3rd place: Canada – USA 20:00 local time (01:00 CET); Final match: Brazil – France 23:05 local time (04:05 CET)

01:05 CET – French team will play their third finals of World League, the second against Brazil. 

Friday, July 7:

22:00 CET – Brazil are the first finalists of the FIVB World League 2017



10:44 CET – The reflections of the last round of pool stage at F6: Lauent Tillie – “Main line-up came back in the 5th set because we wanted the best possible place on the pool for the semi-finals”; Nikola Grbic – “We must understand we’re the team that must play at 100% or else we become a mediocre team”.

09:34 CET – The reflections of the last round of pool stage at F6: Bruno and Dal Zotto say Brazil need to minimize ups and downs, Zhigalov states young Russian squad still has a lot to learn.

01:45 CET – The semifinal pairs of the FIVB World League 2017:

Brazil – USA (Friday, 20:05 CET)

France – Canada (Friday, 20:40 CET)

01:30 CET – France have defeated Serbia to claim spot in the semis!

Thursday, July 6:

23:00 CET – Bruno Rezende leads Brazil to the semifinals!

17:52 CET – This is the “D-day” for these four teams – Brazil, Russia, France and Serbia! The host Brazil need one set to reach the semifinals, while the winner of France vs. Serbia game will claim the semifinal spot. 

17:00 CET – Antiga – “We made fewer mistakes than in a game vs. Brazil”

16:30 CET – Hilarious fail of the Canadian youngster!

10:55 CET – One of the ways to stay warm in Arena da Baixada in Curitiba



01:30 CET – The USA will play in the World League 2017 semifinals!

Wednesday July 5:

22:18 CET – Canada go to their first-ever World League semi-final as they demolished Russia!

15:06 CET – Benjamin Patch – “I just finished my college career and it’s so humbling having the opportunity to play against guys like Ngapeth. This is crazy

13:43 CET – Stephen Boyer has made an amazing spike vs. USA!

11:00 CET – This is the first photo from Curitiba that explains the conditions at the stadium. So, Team Yavbou, what it feels like to play at 10 degrees? Are you freezing out there?

Team Yavbou

Team Yavbou

10:20 CET – We have the first video – a great action of the USA, Sander hits Grebennikov straight in the head…

09:00 CET – John Speraw was not satisfied with the reaction of the team, especially in the first set…

08:42 CET – Coach of Brazil Renan Dal Zotto has said that it was a tense game…

01:30 CET – France win an epic five-set game vs. USA

Tuesday, July 4:

22:15 CET – Brazil successfully began their Final Six campaign by beating tough team of Canada.

19:50 CET – All set! This how Arena da Baixada in Curitiba looks like 15 minutes prior to the inaugural match of the 2017 FIVB World League Final Six between Brazil and Canada…







18:12 CET – Temperature conditions at a stadium in Curitiba, where the Final Six will be held, are against the official volleyball rules of the FIVB!

13:00 CET – A powerful duo will lead France at the FIVB World League Final Six tournament

10:50 CET – The head coach of Serbia Nikola Grbic is not satisfied with the conditions in Curitiba:

I’ve been playing or coaching for 30 years and I’ve never played in such conditions yet. Throughout my career, there were really hot arenas but I’ve never played outside during the winter. It’s a big mistake of those that suggested playing outside and even a bigger mistake of those that have approved it. The conditions are not even close to being optimal for such an important competition as the World League. It’s eight to 10 degrees outside and we have to play a game. The people are wearing jackets during the training sessions because it’s too cold,” says Grbic. (source zurnal.rs)

10:00 CET – Mauricio Borges will have a huge support in Curitiba – his son!

Mauricio Borges with his son

Mauricio Borges with his son

Monday, July 3:

22:30 CET – In Curitiba held the official press conference before the start of the Final Six of the FIVB 2017 World League

Coaches on press conference in Curitiba


17:40 CET – We want to play with Brazil. They are a great team and they are Olympic champions. Even if they have one or two players injured, they remain an extraordinary team, both in terms of individuals and collectively” said the French coach Laurent Tillie and added: “In my opinion, the United States will play much better than in group stage because they train more regularly. They are a renewed team, but very aggressive and physically very strong. Serbia is a team that builds to a crescendo with players who are used to big meetings.”

13:44 CET – In case you didn’t know, Bernardo Rezende is part of the Brazilian coaching staff!

10:04 CET – There is one interesting fact about Wallace de Souza. He wants to change it this year at any costs…

09:00 CET – The reigning champions have made the first practice in Coritiba!

The Serbian team

The Serbian team


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There is nothing about Grbic’s interview on Fivb.com official website

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The volleyball regulation book says the minimum temperature for an FIVB competition has to be at least 16 degrees Celsius. If it is below that, Nikola Grbic can simply refuse to play.


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