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ARG: New authorities at the San Luis volleyball federation

by WoV
source: feva.org.ar

The San Luis Volleyball Federation also changed authorities in what seems a great bet all over the country to make volleyball more and more federative. The new leadership, headed by its President, Fabio Irustia bets on the grass-root teams to return with strength to to the FeVA National Championships and the Argentine Cups.

His first expression was: “I feel of a total support and a great bet in our Volleyball and sport in general. We have to work very hard but we have the strength and will and we know that the FeVA also supports or ideas“.

The School Games were launched in our province, something it did not happen in the last years, and also the Sport Ministry was created. They asked our help and supervision for that competition and that will motivate, no doubt, more children to look forward to doing sports included for us finding new talented athletes to add to federated volleyball” he added.

Another goal is to keep San Luis among the teams that participate on all FeVA organized competitions. “The local government will help to support the province teams so that we can be part of the National Championships. So we plan to upgrade our volleyball improving facilities, training, etc” he finished saying.

But for Irustia, the new management of FeVA also heads towards the same goals. “It is the best that could happen to Argentine Volleyball. There are big changes that started the prior management and that this one will go on working with the same goals in mind. If we go on working like this Argentine volleyball will keep growing all over the world at international level“.

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