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ARG: Alfredo Contreras and his team Work at the development plan for the whole country

by WoV
source: feva.org.ar

In charge of the supervision of FeVA Development plan, one of the main goals of the present management of the Federation is Lic. Alfredo Contreras. He is part of the new officials that work very hard as part of the new Argentine Volleyball Federation path. From Cordoba, this volleyball man expressed as Under-Secretary of Minutes of the FeVA at its Board of Administration also, his ideas about the development plan and the new management.



There are some very positive things that are being felt and seen as returning to Executive Committee meetings, where all subjects are being study deeply and with all the time needed. Also the participation of more people in each of the areas. Also fresh air and more open minds with all wanting to participate and help in the new management” pointed out Contreras.

Contreras, former Cordoba Volleyball Federation President has had a lot of relationship with his province Volleyball and from that experience inside the country he added: “It is very but very important to open our minds so that things can be organized thinking on the needs of each region. This will become even better when FeVA’s new President finishes visiting each and every region of the country and the work of each area arrives to all provinces, there will be a better communication with every corner of the country“.

With reference to the Development plan, where work has been done for the last several years he finished saying: “It is one of the debts we still have, we prepared a report on what we still are missing and we will visit each of the Federations to supervise and give advise on what is needed for their development. Each Federation has the budget they need, and that is very important but we have to go on with the goal of making wider the grass root categories and federate every day more players“.

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