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ARG: Satisfactory closing ceremony of the setters seminar carried out by the CDRV FIVB in Argentina

by WoV
source: feva.org.ar

This Tuesday, as programmed, finished the International Technical Seminar about Setter held at the Cenard facilities by the FIVB Argentine Volleyball Regional Development Centre. FeVA authorities, the 14 participants, lecturers and the organizers of the seminar were at the closing ceremony thinking already on their next duty, the Seminar about Middle Players.



At the main table were Lic. Gabriel Salvia, Director of the CDRV FIVB in Argentina; Prof Jose Maria Cuadrillero, representing the Argentine Volleyball Federation (FEVA); Lic, Argelio Pascual Hernandez Rodriguez, from Cuba and lecturer of the Seminar and the President of the Argentine Sport Confederation, Mr. Carlos Speroni.

All four talked agreeing that the CDRV framework of teaching in all the region helps the development of South America volleyball. They asked the participants to keep developing and learning, pointing out the effort of each one of them to participate in this seminar.

With participants from Colombia, Brazil and different parts of Argentina, the Setters’ Seminar was the second one organized by the CDRV FIVB Argentina after the first one was about serving, digging and libero work during the year 2011. This year a second one has been programmed about Middle Players.

The seminar started on Friday, April 13th finishing this Tuesday, April 17 at Cenard facilities and it included working at the final match of the ACLAV Argentine A1 Men teams League last Sunday night between UPCN and Boca.


ACOSTA, Silvio Fernando 
Honorio Bernardo CANTILLO PÉREZ,
Jorge Luis CÓRDOBA,
Ariel FRAGA,
José Fabián JOFRÉ,
Eduardo LÓPEZ,
Francisco WENK,
Daniel Ricardo SCROCA,
Diego IAGDES, Gabriel

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