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ARG: Juan Angel Pereyra thoughts about Tucuman and the new Argentine Volleyball Federation management

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source: feva.org.ar

With six decads of volleyball experience, Tucumán province is one of Argentine Regions with strong support at all national activities. And all points out that with the Argentine Volleyball Federation new management, it will not change, on the contrary it will keep having more and more participation as it will keep growing. Juan Angel Pereyra, one of the most experienced volleyball person of the province and the country itself and FeVA Board of Administration 6th Vice-President expresses his thoughts about all what is going on in his province and the country.



Pereyra started talking about the consensus reached with the previous management. “A vital point in our sport is that we were able to reach an agreement to go on working on the goals that the Argentine Volleyball Federation has as main targets“.

The former International Referee also pointed out that the new management is open to help everyone in every corner of the country to participate and work if they desire so.

Our work, giving different responsibilities to different officials, areas and regions with more commissions working help to carry out with success all our projects. It means more work for more people but also better results“.

With reference to Tucumán Volleyball, Pereyra emphasized that “We have an important number of clubs participating of Volleyball training with many players for such small province. Many City Halls governments are working towards heading their children to train volleyball even though it is a tough job, the Regional League is strong and that gives us the strentgh we need to keep improving“.

A province that enjoys volleyball, that supports all national competitions Pereyra finished saying: “Tucuman historically is one of the provinces that always took the first step to generate volleyball activities and managements and now feels that it agrees with the new FeVA management is working hard on the Sport Organization Committee, on the National Referee Secretariat, on the Technical Secretariat, on the National Leagues. Always supporting and giving new ideas to grow“.

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