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ARG: Next National Refereeing Secretariat Meeting in Cordoba

by WoV
source: feva.org.ar

The federative work of the National Refereeing Secretariat goes on with next Saturday, June 9 carrying out the second meeting of the area in Cordoba city. The SNA, one of the Argentine Volleyball Federation (FeVA) working areas will gather all the regional delegates at 10.00 at the Cordoba Volleyball Federation, and afterwards they will go on working as the following Minutes show it:


Referee meeting

R2nd. National Refereeing Secretariat Meeting, Saturday, June 9, 2012:

1) Approval of 1st. 2012 meeting Minutes

2) Report of the National Secretary

  • Results and development of SNA call

3) Report of the Internal Ruling

4) Report of the General Coordinator

  • Report of the Referee Delegate
  • Report and results of the National Referees roster

5) Report of the Technical Coordinator

6) Report of the Regional Delegates

  • Comments on the previous report
  • Written report by Region

7) Proposals to cover the new Project officials

8) Report of International Referees

  • Reports received and those yet pending
  • International Referees Table: duties and purposes

9) Others

Then it will be time to analyse the continuity of this new referee proposal where, the National Secretary, Mr. Rodolfo Rezzoagli will meet with Cordoba Region referees. This type of meetings by region already had its first trial a few weeks ago, gathering Santa Fe and Nea Regions with successful results.

The call for Cordoba Referees is mandatory and the meeting will start at 16.00 with open Minutes, also at FCV HQ. The person in charge of this meeting will be the international referee, Mr. Marcelo Pierobon.

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