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ARG: Meeting of coaches and officials in Misiones

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source: feva.org.ar

Last Monday, June 4th in Misiones took place an important meeting of province coaches and officials with the goal of working towards the development of Misiones Province Volleyball with an only "language". At the same was the Area Coordinator of the Argentine Volleyball Federation (FeVA), José María Cuadrillero, in a clear sign of the support of this kind of joint meetings between the FeVA and the Misiones Volleyball Federation.

Misiones Volleyball meeting

Misiones Volleyball meeting


The Misiones Volleyball President, Marcos Chigal, was at the meeting were coaches from different parts of the province like the cities and towns of Oberá, Wanda, Campo Grande and Posadas. The list of participants included too, professors Samuel Barrios, Marcela Martierenea, Ernesto Zissú, Rubén Galiano, María Inés Cortesse, Alfredo Jelen, Ichiro Okuda, Marta Prieto, Hugo Cardozo and Roberto Mazko, among many others.

The result of such meeting was an engagement for future meetings, with the first one to take place next June 30th, always with the main goal of uniting all Misiones Volleyball and from there work towards the growth of the province Volleyball.

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