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ARG: Cordoba held the 2.nd meeting of the SNA

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source: feva.org.ar

Last Saturday the Cordoba Volleyball Federation welcome the National Referee Secretary, Rodolfo Rezzoagli, together with the delegates of each of Argentine Region to go on working in the new project of the National Referee Secretariat, one of the areas of the Argentine Volleyball Federation. In the afternoon, Rezzoagli talked with Cordoba referees about the SNA getting to know also the province reality. This has been programmed as one of the specific meetings to be aware of all what goes on with refereeing at the local level first and the national one, afterwards.


Rezzoagli with all the Regional Referees

The idea to visit the different Regions all over the country is to listen to the referees’ problems, their ideas and what they think should be done to help the National Referee Secretariat to grow” pointed out Rezzoagli, also FeVA 1st. Vice-President.

In the meeting the main goals of the new project were explained and how the SNA works now. “The first goal is to obtain a complete roster of all Argentine Referees, to get to know how many are in each Federation and who they are. The second goal is training through out the National Referee School so that they all talk the same lenguage when working at matches” added Rezzoagli.

The metting started in the morning with the presence of Fabián Concia (Cuyo), Marcelo Pierobón (Córdoba), Fernando Romano (Metropolitana), Javier Trujillo (Patagonia Norte), Ricardo Díaz (NOA), César Olmedo (NEA) and Daniel Astrain (Santa Fe). Also the General SNA Coordinator Gabriel Garay (San Juan), Viviana Marinho and Alfredo Barban met as they are working with all the referee data, including those province, national and international referees.

In the afternoon worked was headed towards the local Cordoba referees in the second SNA meeting always with the aim of obtaining more and more information in each gathering. The first one took place in May gathering NEA and Santa Fe Regions.

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