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BRA M: Sada Cruzeiro won championship

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After losing the first set, the players of Sada Cruziro dominated the match in the following three sets and won the Brazilian championship. The best performance for Sada showed William (MVP), Mauricio (67% in attack, 3 aces and 1 block) and Wallace with 54% in attack.



1. Set: At the start Sada Cruzeiro took the lead 4-3, but Camejo managed to even the score from the counterattack 5-5. Cruzeiro recovered with the ace of Filipe (9-6) and the block of Acacio on Lorena 10-6. Sada kept the lead up to 16-12. After the draw of 18-18, Volei Futuro reversed the situation in their favor. They won the first set with 2 points difference 24-26 thanks to the counterattack of Lorena.

2. Set: Sada Cruzeiro had better start of 3-0 thanks to Wallace. With the block on Dentinho 8-5 and the counterattack of Mauricio 9-5 and 10-5, Sada took the lead and got to 14-8. Bob entered instead of Dentinho, but that did not change the score in favor of Volei Futuro. The block of Douglas on Camejo secured the big advantage for Cruzeiro of 19-13. Acacio closed the set with 25-18.

3. Set: Filipe made the first break points of 3-1. Dentinho evened the result 5-5. Then the ace of Filipe (7-5) and the error of Leozao led Sada to 8-5. The attack of Mauricio provided the advantage of 12-7. Thanks to Wallace (13-7) and William (14-7) Sada went forward and kept the lead until the end of the set. With the error in service of Vini, Volei Futuro lost with  25-13.

4. Set: For the first time Volei Futuro had a good start with the ace of Michael (0-1) and the block of Vini on Mauricio 0-2. The team of Cezar Silva managed to keep the lead until the first technical time-out (6-8). Then the attack of Mauricio evened the score 8-8. The game was played point by point up to 17-16. Thanks to the block of Rogerio on Camejo (20-17) and Dentinho (21-17) Sada Cruzeiro got closer to the victory. The ace of Filipe closed the set with 25-19 and Sada Cruzeiro won the championship.


Final match (April 21)

SADA CRUZEIRO Contagem – VOLEI FUTURO Aracatuba 3-1 (24-26, 25-18, 25-13, 25-19)

SADA CRUZEIRO: Douglas Cordeiro 9, Mauricio Silva Borges 20, William Arjona 3, Wallace Souza 16, Marcos Acacio 5, Filipe Ferraz 12, Sergio Nogueira “Serginho” (L), Daniel Gramignoli 0, Yadier Sanchez Sierra 1, Rogerio Silva 5
Did not enter: Lucas Loh, Hugo Silva
Coach: Marcelo Mendez

VOLEI FUTURO: Rafael Fantin “Dentinho” 7, Fabricio Dias “Lorena” 12, Siqueira Vinicius “Vini” 9, Michael Santos 5, Ricardo Garcia “Ricardinho” 1, Oreol Camejo Durruthy 11, Pedreira Mario “Mario Junior” (L); Mauricio Souza 0, Evandro Batista 0, Leonardo Pinheiro “Leozao” 2, Dvoranen Robinson “Bob” 1
Did not enter: Silmar Almeida “Pia”
Coach: Cesar Silva
MVP: William Arjona

Set duration: 39 ‘, 30’, 32 ‘, 32’
Spectators: 5700
Attack: 56% -40%; Won blocks: 9-8; Ace: 8-2; Errors: 28-28

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