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GER M: VCO Berlin – Berlin Recycling Volleys 1:3

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VCO Berlin showed it had a young but talented team, in this Bundesliga game agaisnt Berlin Recycling Volleys 1:3 (16:25, 25:23, 20:25, 19:25). Elmar Harbrecht was satisfied after the game. Their next game is against Moerser SC. Volleys will meet TV Buhl.


Berlin Recycling Volleys – team

It’s a great opportunity for the young players to develop themselves. Training with the pros will bring our game forwardElmar Harbrecht said.

The VCO talents had lost the first set thanks to the the dominant attack of the champions 16:25 clearly. Who thought that was it, was deceived. In the second set against VCO surprised increasingly unfocused Volleys, led 24:21, and finally took the third set point to win 25-23.

After that the game was more equal than in the first set, but the visitors won with their experience in the final situations of the sets 20:25 and 19:25.

Berlin Recycling Volleys will play their next game against TV Buhl, and VCO Berlin will face Moerser SC.

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