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GER M: VfB FRIEDRICHSHAFEN and Generali Unterhaching start semifinal series

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VfB FRIEDRICHSHAFEN and Generali Unterhaching will start their Bundesliga semifinal series. The winner will be the first team that reaches 3 victories. Christian Dunnes and Max Gunthor answered four questions. WorldofVolley brings you the latest volleyball news.


Christian Dunnes

1. What is the most important thing for your team in the semifinals?

2. Where is your opponent particularly dangerous?

3. Are you satisfied with the current form of your team?

4. Can you reach the finals?

Christian Dunnes (Generali Unterhaching)

1. “The main focus is to win… We want to play our game. Of course, FRIEDRICHSHAFEN has certain characteristics, which suggests tactical solutions, but this is secondary.

2. “FRIEDRICHSHAFEN plays with a lot of risk. They have great players, it would be difficult for any opponent. But we must play with patience.

3. “We haven’t play constantly this season. We have shown very good games, but we often tortured the audience. But I am confident that the coaching staff, and the team will bring its highest level in these games.

4. “We have a good chance to reach the final, because we know that it will be a battle, and we are prepared. In addition, we are in better form than FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, which has new players.


1. “We have to win at least one game in Haching. We are highly motivated in the semifinals.

2. “The team spirit of HACHING is special. Mainly through the middle and the diagonal they are a dangerous opponent.

3. “Very satisfied. After the negative run in December we managed to take a U-turn and now we are back on the way up.

4. “The championship is our goal – the last remaining title that we can win this season. We will put all our strength and our expertise in this task.

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