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ITA W: 50 questions to Jelena Blagojević

by WoV

The 50 questions has become a regular fixture at every home game of Volley Bergamo. For each match, VolleyFlashBergamo offers fans a different face of the red and blue stars so that can get to know them better.



This time I’ll introduce Jelena Blagojević, the captain of Bergamo Foppapedretti .

1. Name? Jelena

2. Nickname? Blago or Jele

3. Born in? Olovo

4. Date of birth? 1. December 1988

5. Height? 181 cm

6. Weight? 70 kg

7. What size are you? Large

8. What size shoe do you wear? 41.5

9. Are you engaged? No

10. Zodiac? Sagittarius

11. Would you change your name? No, I like my

12. What is your favorite animal? The dog

13. Last book you read? Crossroads of William P. Young

14. Favorite Social Network? Instagram

15. The last time you cried? After the last game of the finals of the playoffs, last season

16. Have you ever lost someone special? Yes

17. Three colors that you like? Red, blue and green

18. Have you ever met someone who changed your life? Yes, my sister

19. Do you know who your real friends? After my family there are two girlfriends

20. What is the thing for which you cannot wait for anything? They are quiet, I always wait

21. What is the thing you wish you could change about your life? For now nothing

22. Chocolate white or black? White

23. Milk or dark? Milk

24. What do you like about yourself? The persistence

25. The best memory to your childhood? When I was playing with friends every day after school

26. The first best friend? Maja

27. The first sport you joined? Handball

28. The first concert? Many years ago, a Serbian singer

29. How many children would you have? Two

30. Want to get married? Not for now …

31. Hugs or kisses? Hugs … and kisses!

32. Romantic or spontaneous? Both

33. Provocative or undecided? Undecided

34. You broke someone’s heart? I hope not

35. You’ve had your heart broken? No

36. Prevails in you, feeling or reason? Feeling

37. Do you believe in yourself? Yes

38. In miracles? Yes

39. Love at first sight? No

40. In true love? Yes

41 . In angels? Yes

42. Kiss on the first date? Mmmm … yes

43. Your favorite cookies? A cookies from Serbia: napolitanka

44. The most beautiful gesture that you can receive? A beautiful word

45. The thing that makes you most afraid of? Snakes

46. The more memory you can find, old? The war

47. Do you believe in the horoscope? No

48. Love or friendship? Both

49. The thing that angers you the most? The lack of interest of the people

50. You have more confidence in others or in yourself? In myself

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